Comparative Political Theory Research Group

The objectives of the CPT Research Group is to (a) suggest alternative approaches and methods to the dominant paradigm of Western political theory, and (b) to bring non-Western traditions of political thought in conversation with Western traditions on issues, events and trends in contemporary politics. 

CPT research group began with its first meeting on 7th April 2017. The group conducted a national UGC-CAS-SAP seminar under the aegis of the Department on ‘Democracy and Rights Discourse in India: Norms, Institutions and Practices’ on 28th and 29th of July 2017. This was followed by a talk on the theme in the Department of Philosophy by Prof. Ashok Acharya on 8th September 2017 titled “‘Engaging’ Comparative Political Theory: What is Wrong with the Rawlsian Mode?” The group plans to organize a major conference in 2019.


Prof. Ashok Acharya


Dr Karunakar Patra


Dr Kumar Rahul

Dr Chetna Sharma

Dr Simple Mohanty

Dr Silky Tyagi

Dr Tamanna Khosla

Archana Rath

Krishna Mukherjee

Ratika Gaur

Tanya Sharma

Ekta Shaikh