Registration for Elective Courses Sem - IV

UPDATE ON 4 February 2022

newFINAL LIST of elective course selection



UPDATE ON 27 January 2022 


1. This is a tentative list.

2. Students are requested to crosscheck the information in the PDF. Any request for correction in name, exam roll number and course selection must be made via email at within a week.

3. Students whose names/entries are highlighted in red, need to urgently contact the department office via email at They have either chosen the same papers twice or papers from the same slot. They need to opt for 4 papers from different slots. Kindly clearly indicate the paper that you wish to drop and the paper that you wish to select.

4. Note that there are no seats available in the following papers:

PS-E 69
PS-E 08
PS-E 34
PS-E 57

5. Students who have selected a paper by mistake can request for change through email at or here. Again, clearly mention your exam roll number, the paper that you want to drop and the paper you wish to choose in its place. This replacement is subject to a cap of 200 and is not available for papers mentioned in point no. 4.

6. Students who have requested changes via email but the above file does not indicate it : they have either sent incomplete emails or the seats are full. You need to send emails again in accordance with point no. 5 above.

7. The last date to request/resubmit such changes is 04 February 2022 [Friday], 5 PM. 

8. Students who have not filled from till date, must submit the request via email latest by 29 January [Saturday], 9 PM.



>>Please visit this link to fill the form for Elective Courses<< [inactive w.e.f. 27 January, 9 PM]

(active w.e.f. 11:00 AM, 25 January 2022 till 9 PM, 27 January 2022)



YOU CANNOT FILL THE FORM BEFORE 25 January 2022 (Tuesday), 11:00 AM

Note that you will be able to view, fill out, and submit the form from 25 January 2022 (Tuesday), 11:00 AM

In the meantime, keep your details and choices ready.


See the sample form here and keep all details ready



  1. The Elective Courses form will be accepted only with effect from 25 January 2022 (Tuesday), 11:00 AM onwards. You cannot fill the form before this time and date.

  2. Elective Courses form submission for session 2021-22 (MA Final Semester IV) will be done via online medium using Google Forms ONLY. The link will be available on the Department Website and will be active at 11:00 AM on 25 January 2022.

  3. The link will be active till 9:00 PM, 27 January 2022 (Thursday).

  4. Only ONE response per e-mail ID would be registered.

  5. Students need to have a GMAIL ACCOUNT. Those students, who do not have a Gmail account, are required to register for a Gmail account and use the same for filling up the form.

  6. It is mandatory to fill up all the details in the form. Incomplete forms will not be entertained.

  7. Students are required to select four elective courses. Selections will be accepted according to first-come-first-serve basis.

  8. There is a limit of 200 students per paper. Therefore, the first 200 students opting for a particular optional, on a first come first serve basis, shall be entertained. Once a paper has received 200 applicants, the optional shall no longer be available.

  9. Students shall be solely responsible for any errors in the filling up of their forms.

  10. Students will be given once chance to change their selected electives, date for which shall be announced later.

  11. A sample form is available on the Department website.

  12. Foreign Students and students from PwD category may send in their details and choices through email at

  13. Students enrolled in SOL & NCWEB need to approach their respective concerned offices for choosing optional papers. They do not need to fill this online form.


Following are the instructions to fill the form online:

a) The link will open a Google Form where the student has to fill the following details:

1. E-mail ID

2. Name

3. 10-Digit Mobile Number

4. PG College Name (to be selected from the drop-down menu)

5. Examination Roll No.

b)  Students need to make sure that they have these details ready before opening the form.

c) The link will be available on the Department website. However, it will not be active before 25 January 2022, Tuesday, 11:00 AM.


Elective Courses:

Slot sem-IV Jan 2022

You can ONLY choose ONE paper from a given row (slot).

Example: If you opt for PS-E 69, you cannot opt for PS-E 17.
Similarly, if you opt for PS-E 08, you cannot opt for PS-E 32 or PS-E 05, and so on.

The reason is that the classes and examinations for such papers are held simultaneously.
However, you are free to choose any other elective paper.

Please refer to the time table below to avoid any clash of timing for your paper of choice.


newSee Time Table for MA Final (Sem-IV) (January 2022)


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