Research Network on Feminist Engagements with Law and the State



Dr Megha, Asst. Prof. (Adhoc), Dept. of Political Science, Delhi University.

Dr Abhishek Nath, Asst. Prof. (Adhoc), Dept. of Political Science, Delhi University.

Dr Pawan Kumar, Asst. Prof. (Adhoc), Dept. of Political Science, Delhi University.

Dr Smita Aggarwal, Asst. Prof. (Adhoc), Dept. of Political Science, Delhi University.

Dr. Rashmi Gopi, Asst. Prof., Miranda House, Delhi University.

Ms. Manasi Misra , Asst. Prof., Zakir Hussain College, Delhi University.


Major Activities 

National Seminar on “Problematizing Sexuality and Violence: Deconstructing Institutions, Norms and Narratives in India”, August 23-24, 2017.

Workshop on “Feminist Engagements with Law and the State”, March 29, 2017.


The rationale behind the formation of this network was to augment the mutually inclusive relationship between research and teaching by connecting with people working in similar research areas. The realization that research and teaching has an intrinsic complementary relationship. However, in the burden of completing syllabus in a semester system, we as teachers have pushed to periphery our research and learning urges. Also, as teachers and researchers in the University, many of us at different occasions have faced some sort of staleness and stiffness in connecting theory with practice in pedagogy. When we shared our thoughts, we felt, coming together, learning, unlearning, relearning things in a democratic manner is the necessity of the time to revive both our research and teaching skills.


  • To inject a feminist perspective into traditional understanding of political and legal
  • To comprehend the existing legal gaps in actualizing gender justice
  • To unite activist, pedagogical and scholarly work
  • To subvert the assumed orders of ‘what counts’ as feminist research
  • To collaborate in new and imaginative ways in an interdisciplinary and inter-university manner
  • To engage, on multiple levels, the question of how to fight against inequalities, oppression and injustices enacted onto the body of a person and into the political and legal spheres.