Visiting Fellows


The Department regularly invites eminent scholars as part of collaborative activity with students and teachers. 

Several scholars have visited the department and have enlightened students, researchers and faculty members.

The visit includes lectures and interactive session with students and research scholars.


Year wise list of Visiting Fellows




Dr. Daniel Kent-Carrasco

Post-Doctoral Fellow, UNAM Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (The National Autonomous University of Mexico)

16 May 2018: An Indian Intellectual: Jayaprakash Narayan and his Role in the Cultural Cold War

17 May 2018: "It Began in Mexico": The Beginning of M.N. Roy's Affair with Communism


Dr. Michael Becker

Department of Political Science and Sociology, University of Wurzburg

21 March 2018: Understanding Liberal Democracies: History of Ideas

21 March 2018: Constitutional Democracy in Germany


Dr. N S Gundur

Associate Professor, Department of Studies and Research in English, Tumkur University

6 March 2018: Understanding Modes of Inquiry: Reading Michel Foucault

8 March 2018: In Search of Time for Thinking: Remembering Hannah Arendt


Prof. Tej Pratap Singh

Department of Political Science, Banaras Hindu University

12 March 2018: Left Wing Extremism: A Challenge to National Security

15 March 2018: India-China: Eternal Enemy or Future Ally


Dr. Upendra Choudhury

Director (Research), Indian Council of  Social Science Research

5 March 2018: Promoting Democracy: An Indian Perspective

6 March 2018: India’s Development Cooperation with Global South: Recent Trends


Prof. Midatala Rani

University of Mysore and Director, UGC-HRD Centre

04 March 2018: Language Politics in India: Problems and Policies

11 March 2018: Good Governance, Democracy and Development


Prof. D. Jeevan Kumar (Retd)

Department of Political Science, Bangalore University

28 Feb 2018: Gandhi and Development

1 March 2018: Globalization, State and Public Administration: Contemporary Challenges


Prof  Emer. Edouard Conte

Bern University, Switzerland, and currently in University of Fribourg

15 Feb 2018: Does mass migration from Africa and West Asia to Europe signal a “refugee crisis” or a new “normality”?’

16 Feb 2018: Systems of Relatedness, Culture, and Vulnerability in Transition: Dalit Life-worlds in Post-liberalised India.’


Prof. Pampa Mukherjee

Punjab University

20 Feb 2018: Uttarakhand’s development dreams and dilemmas in Globalising India

21 Feb 2018: Community rights and statutory laws: politics of forest use in Uttarakhand


Prof. Manish. K. Jha

TISS, Mumbai

16 Feb 2018: Democracy, Dissent and problematic of Popular Politics: Caste in Post-colonial Bihar

21 Feb 2018: Biopolitics and Urban Governmentality in City Space(s)


Dr. Krishna Hombal

Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science, University of Mysore

1 Feb 2018: Theorizing Disability: A Human Rights Perspective

2 Feb 2018: Globalization and the World Trade Organization: The Discourse of the Bhartiya Janata Party


Prof. S. S. Patagundi

Department of Political Science, Karnatak University, Dharwad

01 Februry 2018: Political Psychology and Narendra Modi’ Foreign Policy Decision Making

31 January 2018: Globalization and Changes in World Politics


Dr. Radhika Govinda 

University of Edinburgh, UK

13 December 2018: Decolonizing Knowledge and Democratizing the Curriculum in Feminist Classrooms: A Reflexive Account

9 January 2018: Different Dalit Women Speak Differently: Unravelling, through an Intersectional Lens, Narratives of Agency and Activism from Everyday Life in Rural Uttar Pradesh 


Dr. Bhabani Shankar Nayak

Senior Lecturer in Business Strategy, Coventry Business School, Coventry University, UK.

14 December 2017: Bhagavad Gita and Hindu Modes of Capitalist Accumulation in India

15 Dec 2017: Macro Politics of Microfinance: A Study of Fraternal Capitalist Accumulation in Rural Odisha


Prof. Tomas Lindgren

Umea University, Sweden

21 Nov 2017: Democracy, Norms and Institutions

1 Dec 2017: Mechanisms of Religious Radicalization: Pathways to Violence


Prof. Harihar Bhattacharya

Department of Political Science, University of Burdwan

20 September 2017: Democratic Intention and Indian Democracy

21 September 2017: Federalism over Democracy in India: Dialectics of diversity-claims and the equality-claims


Anil Kumar Vaddiraju

Centre for Political Institutions, Governance and Development, Institute for Social and Economic Change, Bengaluru.

19 September 2017: Hannah Arendt and Modernity: Revisiting the work The Human Condition

23 September 2017: E-Governance and Digitisation: Some Reflections and Concerns


Prof. Badri Narayan

G.B. Pant Social Science Institute, Allahabad, UP

13 September 2017: Politics of Dissent and Dissemination: Symbol of Ambedkar in Hindu Region

14 September 2017: Exploring Impossibilities


Prof. G A Wani

UNESCO Madanjeet Singh Institute of Kashmir Studies, University of Kashmir, Srinagar, Kashmir

12 September 2017: Politics of Autonomy in Jammu and Kashmir

16 September 2017: Democracy in South Asia


Dr. Rajesh Komath

Assistant Professor, School of Social Sciences, Mahatma Gandhi University. Kottayam, Kerela

8 September 2017: On Methodologies : What is ‘Social’ in Social Sciences

18 September 2017: Understanding India Democracy: Locating Dalit Lives as Marginal Bodies


Prof. Ashutosh Kumar

Department of Political Science, Punjab University

5 September 2017: Electoral Politics in India Punjab: An Introduction

6 September 2017: Moving Beyond Nation State: Farming State-Level Politics in India


Prof. Shibashis Chatterjee

Department of Political Science, Jadavpur University

1 September 2017: International Relations Theory: An Evolutionary Perspective

4 September 2017: Territoriality and Identity: India’s Imagination of South Asia


Prof. Jagrup Singh Sekhon

Department of Political Science, Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar

28 August 2017: Border Citizens: Experiences of Living at the Cutting Edge

30 August 2017: End of Khalistani Movement in Punjab: Some Explanations?


Prof. Samir Kumar Das

Department of Political Science, University of Calcutta, Kolkata

25 August 2017: Irom Sharmila and the Impossibilities of Democratic Struggle

29 August 2017: Women and the Public Sphere in the Post- Colonial Hinterlands


Prof. Thomas Pogge

Yale University, USA

20 July 2017: Foreign Drivers of Domestic Injustices



Prof.  Eva Maria Belser

Faculty of Law, University of Fribourg, Switzerland




Prof. Prof Nico Steytler

Faculty of Law, University of Western Cape, South Africa





Prof. Thomas Pogge

Yale University




Prof Luis Cabrera

Griffith University



Prof. Haig Patapan

School of Government and International Relations, Griffith University




Prof. Leif Wenar

King’s College London




Prof. Rekha Nath

Department of Philosophy, University of Alabama





Dr. Wilfried Swenden

University of Edinburgh




Prof. Thomas Pogge

Yale University




Prof Luis Cabrera

Griffith University




Prof. Jay Drydyk

Carleton University




Prof Scott Wisor

Centre for the Study of Global Ethics, University of Birmingham


Prof. Omar Dahbour

Hunter College NewYork




Prof. Tim Hayward

Just World Institute, University of Edinburgh





Prof. Michel Dusche

Manipal Centre for Philosophy and Humanities, Manipal




Prof. Brooke Ackerley

Vanderbilt University


Prof. Christine Keating

Penn University, USA


Prof. Sridhar Venkatapuram

King’s College London





Dr. Anand P. Mavalankar

Department of Political Science, The Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda



Dr. G. Gopa Kumar

Department of Politics, University of Kerala, Kariavattom



Dr. C. Lakshmanan

Madras Institute of Development Studies, Chennai



Dr. Chendrayudu

Department of Geography, Sri Venkataswara University, Tirupati


Dr. Shailaja Menon

School of Liberal Studies, Ambedkar University



Dr. Ankur Datta

Department of Sociology, South Asian University



Dr. Bani Prasanna Mishra

Department of Sociology, University of North Bengal


Dr. Mohit Bhattacharya

(Retd.) Department of Political Science, University of Calcutta, Kolkata



Dr. Sukalpa Bhattacharjee

Department of English, North – Eastern Hill University, Shillong



Dr. Anirban Das

Centre for Studies in Social Sciences, Calcutta



Dr. J. Somashekar

Department of Political Science, Sri Krishna Devaraya University