MA Sem-IV10.05.2023

End Semester Exam Datesheet [May-June 2023]

Internal Assessment Retest Notice [Dated 24.04.2023]

MA Sem-II 26.05.2023

Internal Assessment Marks for MA Sem-I [dated 26.05.2023]

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Final List of Open Electives [dated 26.05.2023]

This is the final list of Open Electives. In case of any discrepancy, kindly contact the Department office by Wednesday 31 May, 2023, 5 PM with details. Entries highlighted in yellow have either entered incorrect Exam roll number or incorrect college. They need to get this corrected.



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Orientation Schedule for Open Elective Courses [Venue: Satyakam Room 18]

Time table

PhD Coursework22.04.2023

PhD coursework (RM) class will be held on Tuesday, 25 April 2023 (11 AM) [Dated 22 April 2023]

Orientation Notice [Dated 6 April 2023]


Adhoc Panel (April 2023) Notice19.05.2023

The link to submit application is reopened till 28 May 2023 

See Notice for additional time [dated 19.05.2023]


See Notice for link and details [dated 05.04.2023]

Skill Based Course [Sem-IV]04.04.2023
The classes for PS Skill 401: Applied Political Science (123202472) begins on April 5, 2023 [2:00 PM].
Classes will be scheduled on Wednesdays and Fridays.

Department of Political Science

The Department of Political Science, University of Delhi, enjoys an exceptional reputation in both teaching and research in the discipline. Extremely rich in academic potential, comprising a faculty known widely for their research and teaching abilities, it ranks easily among the best departments in the country. The Department was established in 1952, with about 40 postgraduate students. Since then the strength of the students has gone beyond 1000.

The growth of the Department has coincided with the progress of the discipline of Political Science from a narrow body of legal and institutional knowledge to more comprehensive social sciences that integrates and interrogates sociological, economic, philosophical and cultural dimensions and thereby better relates to a purposive study of politics keeping especially the Indian reality in focus.

The Department offers M.A., M.Phil., and Ph.D. programmes and runs regular seminars and workshops. Amongst the earliest visiting faculty members was Professor Norman D. Palmer of the University of Pennsylvania, a specialist in Indian, South Asian, and International Politics. The Department was the first academic unit in the country to have introduced compulsory M.A. courses in Modern Indian Political Thought when Professor Randhir Singh was the Head.

On the collaborative research front, the Department is committed to an inter-disciplinary thematic thrust area of Democracy, Development and Peace, with generous support by UGC under its Departmental Special Assistance Programme. This has helped build on the traditional strengths in various sub-fields as well as across disciplinary boundaries. The Department of Political Science has immensely contributed towards creating domain knowledge through curriculum development. This has resulted in Department being awarded as Centre of Advanced Study by UGC under Special Assistance Program since 2010 and now it is under stage II of the process from 2016.


The vision of the department is to shape the way the Political Science discipline is understood and taught in India in a foundational manner, imbued with a distinctive focus on contributions of the Indian scholarship in understanding our complex and diverse social realities. We are committed to advance education and academic research that fosters possibilities of intellectual and social transformation of our students and prepares them to become citizen leaders committed to values of social & gender justice and public service.