Dr. Rajesh Dev

Designation: Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science


Educational Qualifications


North Eastern Hill University, Shillong, 2002


North Eastern Hill University, Shillong, 1995

BA (Hons)

St. Edmund’s College, Shillong, 1992

Career Profile

University of Delhi. Dept. of Political Science.

Assistant Professor. 2010-till date

North Eastern Hill University. Dept. of Law.

Guest Faculty.  2005-2007

Women’s College. Dept. of Political Science.

Lecturer. 1998-2010

Administrative Assignments

Member, FSS, University of Delhi, 2010-

Member, DRC, Department of Political Science, University of Delhi

Coordinator NAAC. Women’s College. 2007

Areas of Interest / Specialization

Anthropology of Law, Democratic Theory, Politics of Ethnic Identity and Politics of Indigeneity, Special Area Focus: North East India

Subjects Taught

Politics in India

International Political Economy

Democracy & Political Institutions

Interpreting modern India

Comparative Constitutionalism

Social Movements & Revolution

Research Guidance

M.Phil-03 (submitted). 03

Doctoral (PhD): 04 (enrolled)

Publications Profile


Ethnonarratives: Identity & Experience in Northeast India.  2006. Anshah (Shipra Imprint)   (Co-edited) 

Ethnic Identity and Democracy: Electoral Politics Northeast India. 2006. Regency Publications. (Co-edited)

Articles in Journals

Community Loyalties and Regional Outlook, in Economic and Political Weekly, vol. 34-35, Aug 21-28,1999

Tripura: Ethnic Tensions and Democratic Consensus. Economic & Political Weekly. Vol 15, April 12, 2003. (co-authored)

Nagaland: More Space for Democratic Politics. Economic & Political Weekly. Vol 38, No17, April 26, 2003

Human Rights, Relativism and Minorities in Northeast India. Economic & Political Weekly. Vol. 39. No 43. October 23, 2004

Electoral Politics in Meghalaya. A Synoptic Analysis. Indian Journal of Politics. Vol XL No.4 October - December 2006. 

Negotiating Diversities through Institutional Strategies.  Eastern Quarterly. June 2007.

Discontents of Peace & Conflict Transformation in Northeast India. Yojana. December 2008.

Faultlines and Conflict Ending Strategies in Northeast India. India Economy Review. December 2008.

Chapters in edited books 

Institutionalising Social Policies in the Margins: A comparative study of ‘narega’ in Meghalaya and Jharkhand in Louise Tillin et.al. (eds.), Politics of Welfare: Comparisons across Indian States. Oxford University Press. N. Delhi. 2015

The indigenous and the alien: marginal citizens and rights discourse in northeast India in A.S. Anand and A. V. Afonso (eds.) Human Rights in India. IIAS. Shimla. 2011.

Democracy, Ethnic Fractionalization & Competitive Politics: The Case of States in Northeast India, in Paul Wallace & Ramashray Roy (eds.) India’s 2009 Elections: Coalition Politics, Party Competition and Congress Continuity. Sage, New Delhi. 2010

Ethnic Identity, Regionalism & Political Mobilisation: An Analysis of the Political Discourse in the Tribal State of Meghalaya, in Ramashray & Roy Paul Wallace (ed.) India’s 2004 Elections. Sage India, 2006.

Indigenity, Minorities and Rights in Northeast India, in Joseph Benjamin (ed.) Minorities in India. Gyan Publishers. Delhi 2006.

Narrative Claims and Identity Impasse: The Experiences of the Nowhere People in Sukalpa Bhattacharjee & Rajesh Dev (eds.) Ethnonarratives. Identity and Experience in North East India. Anshah Publications. New Delhi, 2006.

Institutional Designs and Ethnopolitical Conflict Transformation. Assessing Peace-Building Initiatives in Northeast India, in Prasenjit Biswas & C.J.Thomas (eds.) Meaning & Metaphor of Peace. Essays of commitment. Regency Publications.  New Delhi, 2006.

Ethnic Self-Determination and Electoral Politics in Nagaland in Apurba K.Baruah & Rajesh Dev (eds.) Ethnic Identities and Democracy. Electoral politics in North-East India. Regency Publications. New Delhi 2006.

Ethnic Groups, Electoral Politics & Democratic Consensus in Tripura in Apurba K.Baruah & Rajesh Dev (eds.) Ethnic Identities and Democracy. Electoral politics in North-East India. Regency Publications. New Delhi 2006.

Universalism and Relativism in Human Rights: Minority Rights in N.E.India, in R. Dhamala & S. Bhattacharjee (eds.), Insurgency and Human Rights in N.E.India.  Shipra Publications. New Delhi 2002.

Identity Claims: Paradox of Recognition and Redistribution in N.E.India, in. Kousar Azam (ed) Ethnicity, Identity & The State in South Asia. South Asian Publishers New Delhi, 2001.

Indian Federal Dialectics: the Naga crisis, in, Kousar Azam (Ed) Federalism and Good Governance Issues across Cultures. South Asian Publishers, Delhi, 1997.

Ethnonationalism: Politics of Difference, in M.M.Agarwal (Ed) Ethnicity, Culture and Nationalism in N.E.India. Indus Publications, Delhi, 1996

Book Reviews

Tanweer Fazal, “Nation-state” and Minorities in India: Comparative perspectives on Muslim and Sikh identities, Routledge Contemporary South Asia Series. Routledge, Abingdon, Oxon; New York 2015. Pacific Affairs. (Online publication March 2016.)

Conference Organization/ Presentations (in the last three years)

Presented a paper titled, NREGA in indigenous contexts: A Legal Anthropology at the International Seminar on Law, Institutions & Political Philosophy conducted by the University of Yale and University of Delhi. August 21-22, 2015. Delhi

Presented a paper titled, Community Forest management and the paradoxes of Indigenous Selfhood,  at a Roundtable on Tribal Worldviews. Indian Council of Philosophical Research and ICSSR_NERC, Shillong. March 30th –April 1st, 2015.

Presented a paper titled, Public Policy and State in a Peripheral region of India. Roundtable on Emerging States.  University of Bordeaux. 28-29 November, 2014

Presented a paper titled “ Indigenous groups and ecocentrism: A local view of a global discourse” at the International Seminar on Global Justice and the Global South, organized by Delhi University, Yale University  and University of Birmingham. April 25-27, 2014

Presented a paper titled Embodying the State? Social Policies in the Margins: A Comparative study of NREGS in Meghalaya and Jharkhand at a workshop on Comparative State Politics & State Policy at Kings College, London. 17-18 September, 2013. 

Research Projects (Major Grants/Research Collaboration)

Comparative State Politics & Public Policy, sponsored by King’s College, London & CSDS Delhi (Completed).

Delhi University Study Leave Grant 2016-18 on Law, State & Identities.

Delhi University R&D Grants 2015-16 on Legal Pluralism & Indigenous Governance.

ICSSR sponsored Project on “Ethnic Groups, Contesting Claims and Social Cohesion in Northeast India: Karbi-Kuki Conflict”.

Awards and Distinctions

Awarded the First President of India Sri Shankar Dayal Sharma Gold Medal for General Proficiency by NEHU. 1995.

Awarded the Commendable Performance Award by the American Studies Research Centre (formerly) Hyderabad during the American Civilization and Culture Course 1996.

International Fellowships

Reagan-Fascell Democracy Fellow at the International Forum for Democratic Studies at National Endowment for Democracy, Washington D.C. from October 2008 to February 2009.

Association With Professional Bodies

Life Member, Indo-American Centre for International Studies, Hyderabad. (Formerly American Studies Research Center)

Life Member, North East India Political Science Association

Life Member, North East India Social Science Congress

Annual Member. American Political Science Association.

Executive Secretary, Argue India (Advanced Research Group for Understanding Eastern India), Shillong.

Other Activities

Contribute popular columns in The Statesman, Kolkata. And Published articles of social and political concerns in other national dailies like  The Telegraph, Indian Express and Regional Newspapers.


Department of Political science

II Floor Social Science Building,

University of Delhi, (North campus)


Phone: 011-27666670