Tentative list of Elective Courses [dated 24.09.2023]

- This is a tentative list based on your responses.

- Department will accept corrections/changes till Friday, 6 October, 4PM

- Check your name, roll number, etc, and submit application for correction in these entries by 29 September.

- Students can submit application for changing their Elective Courses in the Department office, subject to the cap of 200. Students can send request through email at polscience.du@gmail.com  

- There are no seats in PS-E 37, PS-E 12 and PS-E 54.

- Students whose names are highlighted in yellow have either taken electives from the same slot, or have selected the same elective course twice. They need to contact the Department immediately with correction.


Link for filling the form: https://forms.gle/sqbvww1LwkPhxevV6 (active w.e.f. 22 September 2023, Friday, 10:00 AM)


Orientation Schedule [19-21 September] (Dated 14.09.2023)

The venue for orientation is the main Lecture Hall of the Department (2nd floor).


Notice for Filling Forms for Elective Courses for MA Sem-III Students (Dated 14.09.2023)


>> Link for selecting Elective Courses <<

[active w.e.f. 22 September 2023, Friday, 10:00 AM]


Tentative Dates for Orientation: 19-21 Sept. 2023


Grouping of Elective Courses and Time Table